Michael Eaton - Writer

Film & Television

Dickens on Film (BBC);Heartbeat (ITV); New Street Law (Red/BBC); Shipman (ITV); Nightshift (Maverick/C4);
Flowers of the Forest (BBC Scotland); Signs & Wonders (BBC); Shoot to Kill (YTV);
Why Lockerbie [aka The Tragedy of Flight 103] (Granada/HBO); Fellow Traveller (HBO/BBC/BFI);
Border Crossing (C4); In Suspicious Circumstances (Granada); Darkest England (C4);
Frozen Music (BFI); Visions (C4)

In development:
Cohen & Cohan (Double M Films);Dombey & Son (Greenpoint); Who Killed BilllieJo (ITV); Piper Alpha (ITV)


Radio and Audio

The Vault (Audible); Hackers (Audible);Murder on the Orient Express (Audible); Churchill on the North West Frontier (Perfectly Normal/BBC); Headhunters (BBC);A Powerful Scandal (Perfectly Normal/BBC);Chilcot (Perfectly Normal/BBC);Washington 9/11 (Perfectly Normal/BBC); Dickens’ London (BBC); Waves Breaking on a Shore (with Neil Brand)(Promenade/BBC); The Conflict is Over (Promenade/BBC);
Felix Holt (Promenade/BBC); Pickwick Papers (Promenade/BBC); Bride’s Chamber (Promenade/BBC);
Cave of Harmony (BBC); George Silverman’s Explanation (Promenade/BBC)



Great Expectations (West Yorkshire Playhouse); Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life & Astounding Legend (Nottingham Playhouse);Families of Lockerbie (Nottingham Playhouse); Drella & the McGuffin;
Angels Rave On; The Leaves of Life; Chorus from the Gallows; Criminal Acts

In development:
Under the Greenwood Tree (Promenade)


Charlie Peace – His Amazing Life and Astounding Legend (Five Leaves Publications); Chinatown (BFI Classics); Our Friends in the North (BFI)



Shoot to Kill: Best Drama Series Royal Television Society; Broadcasting Press Guild; BAFTA nomination
Fellow Traveller: Best Screenplay British Film Awards