Neil Brand - Writer/Composor


The Sound of Cinema (BBC4); The Sound of Song (BBC 4)

Stan (BBC4)

In development: Cohen & Cohan (Double M Films)




MR James (BBC); Tommies (BBC); The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (BBC);Christmas Carol (BBC); The Big Broadcast (BBC);Wind in the Willows (BBC); The Big Broadcast (BBC)

From Fact to Fiction (BBC)
Waves Breaking on a Shore (with Michael Eaton) (Promenade/BBC);
Sneakie Peakies (with Harry Venning)(BBC); Headliner (BBC);
Seeing it Through (BBC); The Lincoln One (BBC) (nominated for Tinniswood award);
Stan (BBC) (nominated for Sony award); The Good Listener (BBC); Righteous Brothers (BBC);
Joanna (BBC); Between the Lines (BBC); Cave of Harmony (with Michael Eaton)(BBC);
The Art Class (BBC); Talkers (BBC); The Player (BBC)

In development:

The Big Broadcast 3 (BBC);


Musical Theatre

Wildcat on Safari; House of Dreams (winner Vivian Ellis prize); Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland;
The Phoenix and the Carpet; Talking with Mr Warner (winner Ken Hill prize)