Penny Woolcock has directed the first two episodes of Ackley Bridge, the new Channel 4 series made by The Forge which starts at 8 pm on 7 June and she will be directing her production of The Pearl Fishers at Los Angeles Opera in the autumn
Michael Eaton’s book: Charlie Peace – His Amazing Life and Astounding Legend will be published in June

In theatre, Pearse Elliott’s The Holy Holy Bus continues to bring in sell-out audiences in Ireland

James Lovelock has written the introduction to The Earth and I, a beautifully produced book by Taschen inspired by his idea of creating a book that would gather essential knowledge about the intricacies of the earth and the human species to help future generations to navigate their surroundings and avoid repeating mistakes of previous civilizations. Contributors include Martin Rees, EO Wilson, John Gray and Bryan urgent essay uk Appleyard