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Bob Mullan - Writer


Letters to Sofija (Based on the relationship between the Lithuanian painter, Mikalojus Ciurlionis, and his wife Sofija) In pre-production

Mad to be Normal (Based on aspects of the life of RD Laing and the ‘anti-psychiatry’ movement of the 1960’s). In development

An Indian Love Affair (Based on the life of Verrier Elwin, the Englishman who became close friends with Gandhi)

Two Sisters (A love story set in New York, 1972, and also the Lithuania of 1941)

Closure (A psycho-thriller set in contemporary New York)

Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans. (New Haven based comedy)

Director/Producer of Documentaries

Hasidic Blues ( Canal ); The Man under the Sea (NRK); In the Footsteps of Ambedkar (Channel 4)

The Enlightened Englishman (ITV); Bhagwan (Channel 4); Never Born Never Died: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Channel 4)

Second Time Around: Motown (Channel 4); Fruit and Nuts: A week in the life of an English health farm (ITV)

Single Black Mothers (BBC2); Sufism: the Heart of Islam (Channel 4); Women of Wisdom (Channel 4, 1995)

A Peaceful Journey Home: the Exiled Son of the Shah. (ZDF); Azerbaijan Refugees. (Discovery)

Live and Let Live: the Jains of Palitana. (Discovery)


Stevenage Ltd (RKP, 1980); Approaching Social Theory (HEB, 1983) Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (RKP, 1983)

The Mating Trade (RKP, 1984); Uninvited Guests: Television Audiences (with Laurie Taylor, Chatto and Windus, 1986)

Zoo Culture (Weidenfeld, 1987, University of Illinois Press, 2000); The Enid Blyton Story (Boxtree, 1988)

Are Mothers Really Necessary?: John Bowlby and Attachment Theory (Boxtree, 1988); Ethnic Minorities on Television (Avebury, 1990)

Consuming Television (Blackwell, 1996); Mad to be Normal: Conversations with RD Laing (FAB, 1996)

Therapists on Therapy (FAB, 1997);R. D. Laing (ed., Cassell, 1997); R. D. Laing (Duckworth, 1999)

Off the Menu: Conversational Chefs (AIDAI, 1999); Voices of Pain: Lithuania in Transition (AIDAI, 2000)

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