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James Lovelock - Writer

Creator of the Gaia theory, author of over 200 scientific papers and inventor of numerous scientific devices including the electron capture detector.


Novacene (Penguin)

The Earth and I (Taschen)

A Rough Ride to the Future (Penguin)

The Vanishing Face of Gaia (Allen Lane/Penguin)

The Revenge of Gaia (Allen Lane/Penguin)

Homage to Gaia ( Profile)

Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth (OUP)

The Ages of Gaia (OUP)

Gaia: the Practical Science of Planetary Medicine


FRS 1974; Tswett Medal 1975; ACS 1980; WMO Norbert Gerbier Prize 1988;

Amsterdam Prize for Environment 1990; Volvo Prize for the Environment 1996;

Blue Planet Prize 1997; Wollaston Medal 2006 and numerous honorary doctorates

CBE 1990 and CH 2003

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