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Les Blair - Director


H3; Jump the Gun; Bad Behaviour

Leave to Remain; Number One


Stand & Deliver; Bliss; Newshounds; Honest Decent & True;

Filipina Dream Girls; The Merrihill Millionaires; The Accountant;

London’s Burning; Four in a Million; Law & Order; The Nation’s Health;

Beyond the Pale; Only a Game; Bet Your Life;

The Whip Hand; The Good Ship Yacki-Hicki-Doolah;

Sunshine in Brixton; Early to Bed; The Enemy Within; Blooming Youth


Waiting for Godot; Four in a Million;

Prague ’68 Wish You Were Here


BAFTA best single drama (Newshounds)

BAFTA best single drama (The Accountant)

Evening Standard Film Award (Bad Behaviour)

Golden Gate Award (Honest Decent & True)

Golden Gate

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