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Troy Kennedy Martin (Estate) - Writer


The Italian Job; Kelly’s Heroes; Sweeney Two; The Jerusalem File;

Red Heat; Bravo Two Zero; Red Dust


Z Cars; Storyboard; Diary of a Young Man;The New Men; The Traitor; Momento Mori;

The Pistol; The Matchmaker; Incident at Echo; Six; The Interrogator; If It Moves File It;

Men Without Papers; The Sweeney; Fall of Angels; Fear of God; Reilly Ace of Spies;

Old Men at the Zoo; Edge of Darkness; Hostile Waters;

In development:

Broken Light (Rainmark Films)


Beat on a Damask Drum


WGGB Writer’s Award

BAFTA Writer’s Award

BAFTA Best serial: Edge of Darkness

BAFTA Nomination: Red Dust


McTaggart Lecture: Edinburgh International TV Festival;

Nats Go Home (Encore); CrimeWriters (BBC Publications)


Moonstone; Danish Film School;

Australian Film School;

National Film & Television School;

London International Film School;

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